The downside of being a truly self published author is you can not blame someone else for the spelling and grammar mistakes.
real non fiction books written and produced by
I would appreciate hearing from you, GOOD OR BAD so if you have anything to tell me, especially why you decided not to buy a book please click the pigeon where ever it is  and it will get you a contact form.
  PATCH has the white patch on his hip
(Both those dogs came from guys that had
years earlier held the  stick over me)
              While I will admit 10% of what is written on this website is FICTION, I can honestly say the other 90% is NON-FICTION, because these books have been written by yours truly (robberteebob) from and about the experiences I have had,  living here in NEW ZEALAND  for around 70 years.
           Sticking with the philosophy that I have followed all my life, which is, “if GOD himself had not made it, why the (what can I say) couldn't I?” I have written these books on an old personal computer that EXPERTS told me was (again what can I say) then printed them with cheap, modified printers that could have been made to work like they now do, to start with.
        Furthermore I taught myself how to use, and develop other software etcetera, bound, designed and created the covers the way I wanted them, then stuck it all together for peanuts compared to what some had quoted me.
       Original the first version of this website was  created as a platform for the sale of my self-written and produced books, but computers, programming and the like have completely taken over my life.  In one book, I said trucks get into your blood, but computers can take over your life completely, and every expense can be justified.