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A few years ago you would hear people ranting  about some  kid that had upset some buggers apple cart with, "bloody kids today don't know what it was like when we were kids." Today the favorite  is "it's all the parents fault", in both cases both generations have been born into the world  the preceding generation  had a hand in creating for them.
In the 40-50's we had the crystal set radio, and the balsa wood plane, some powered  by a propeller and a rubber band, & the little tank made from a cotton reel, a piece of candle, a tack, a match and again a rubber band. All things we could make ourselves will before we were 10.
In our teens most had a bike, and our driving license, none I knew were still at home a year after leaving school and all were employed doing something the  schools had prepared us for, consequently  most were in jobs that were some use to society as a whole.
While the bombs and bullets did not reach us we all knew what was in store  for us if the YANKS did not stop the JAPS, so the war  definitely had a influence on how my generation grew up and the values and morals that were instilled into us.
But having said that, what I personally find rather frightening and disconcerting is the insidious way, and obviously  with the Governments endorsement is the amount of flag waving and bugle blowing  the  Returned Servicemen Association  under the cover of, 'lest we forget' that is being directed at the younger generations. I can't rid myself of the horrible feeling that it has nothing to do with remembering those that   queued up for what they were led to believe would be a adventure, but in reality is the  indoctrination  of another lot to do exactly the same thing. 
During the war  thousands of kids grew up without their fathers,  but it was only a few years later most  were growing up in a two parent family, the DADS were home and many widows had remarried. Simply because we did not know anything different, the war did not effect us kids much, today there seems to be many more kids that spend their entire childhood living with one parent, because of  do-gooders stirring up minority groups then vote chasing one-eyed governments making it possible.
While schools may go through the motions of educating kids their core purpose is to instill a group, gang or in New Zealand a tribal mentality into them, in readiness for the day when the spineless bureaucrats are told by ? that it is   time to blow the fucking bugle again.
In this section I have endeavored to write a synopsis for this book, I have tried to be honest , but truthfully writing about something you have written yourself is rather difficult. Always in the back of your mind is the knowledge or the fact, that if  it's under done the book will not sell, but if it is over rated and the buyer is disappointed it won't be long before they will justifiably claim to have been RIPPED OFF and I certainly don't want that to happen.
On the next page  you will notice even though Dad had a nick name  for the farm owner  he still addressed him as MR because of his position. Christ; today  adults encourage their 5 year olds to address their elders  by their Christian names.
Previously when I was randomly selecting a page or two for the excerpts I could pick out the pages that I felt  would better clinch  the deal, however now by taking them in sequence while I feel it's more honest it probably  is not such a good idea when trying to convince somebody to buy it.
The other day a  male school teacher told me how  wonderful it was that  kids   address him using a nick name of their choosing. ( This  fool that  has been educated post 1975 actually thinks it shows how much they respect him.) 
Then others  wonder why  school leavers equipped with a certificate with no relevance to the position being applied for  expect to be treated differantly and paid  more than those their senior.
It is not long and Dad has a job on a farm at WHENUAKITE  (all the BOB BOOKS have a NZ map on the last page)  From there it's to MANAWARU for a few months and by the time we moved to ATHENREE where we were for a bit longer,  Ken and I had a little sister, Margaret. We also learnt all about eagles and their eye sight. Dad reckoned as the farm owner saw everything he call him eagle eye. (old eagle eyed Mr I'Anson)
This book ROBBIE BOOK 01;  ISBN 9780473170967;   contains 42,700 words and numerous illustrations, it is written on 98, A5 pages covering the years 1941 - 1956,  it is written, edited, published, and completely produced my myself  (Bob Simmonds.) It is not a glossy, flashed up publication pretending to be something it is not, but a honest account  about how different life was just those few years ago for some of us growing up in mainly rural New Zealand.
Each chapter tells some of the events that have stuck in my mind more vividly  than others. Chapter-01 PLIMMERTON. This is where I started school and where we were living when Dad came home after the Second World War and suddenly we had a real Dad, all the time,  for the first time in our lives. It must have been in those  years when the GYPSY BLOOD  took control, because we were forever packing up and moving some where, exactly as we ourselves have have done.
It has been put together from bits and pieces, dates written on letters or photos,  who knows if they are right or not, all of what is written has been done in the absence of Margaret who is GOD knows where so I have been unable to consult her. I have not been able to discuss every thing or all dates with Ken so most of it is my memory of what happened. Actually often, I have asked others something and we have not been able to agree on it, as we all seem to remember things differently, more as how they affected or influenced us.
The move to TARIKI was a major move about the same as the first one. Johns Road at Tariki was where I spent the longest period of my childhood and started to know what the word work really meant. It was during this period that I really started to catch the horse, dog, and vehicle bug. Prior to Tiriki moving was just something that happened ,something that every body did sooner or later and I had never wondered about the whys and there-fores of it, however now I am around thirteen and wanted to know all about the whys and what have yous'. That did not go down too good with the old man so we were only ever told things on the NEED TO KNOW BASIS. All my life it has been a mystery to me why we were yanked out of  there and dumped on that bloody Waiheke Island.
I could write much more about my family from those days, but as it was a fair while ago and I know I cannot get it all right.
I suppose that tells you where we headed next, what a bloody dump in those days people only lived there because it was CHEAP. The next   move to Bethlehem  (near Tauranga)  then Otumoetai at Tauranga followed quite quickly, however by then I just went with the flow as my grand kids say today. I quite enjoyed Tauranga College after some of the previous rat bag schools and their teachers but by then the damage to my will or ability to learn had been temporally lost. Actually what is nearer the truth is that my ability to have any respect for  some of those  so called teachers tarnished my ability to listen to any of them  GOOD or BAD.
There are no real secrets to hide but some things that many families would think are bugger all, can cause all sorts of  arguments etc, so I will take this bit of old advice. Some sleeping dogs are best left asleep, and leave it at that.
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