This book BOB BOOK 02,  ISBN 9780473170967;   contains 100,000 words and numerous illustrations, it is written on 196, A5 pages covering the years 1956 - 1973, it is written, edited, published, and completely produced my myself  (Bob Simmonds.) It is not a glossy, flashed up publication pretending to be something it is not, but a honest account  about the trials and tribulations of family life while shepherding on sheep & cattle farms / stations / ranches &  rural truck driving  in  New Zealand between 1956 and 1973. A few people have been confused about the big stick so I will explain it this way, when we were kids we had plenty of sticks put around our behinds. When you are on wages, you are threatened by your BOSS waving his bloody stick. Admittedly only metaphorically speaking most of the time, although most people know it's there all the time. When you get to the top of the heap, you get to wave the stick at others, and later in life if you are lucky you get to lean on it.   In all those years while I was working directly under some other bugger I never actually had a stick land on me, because fortunately all my former bosses, were all  GOOD BUGGERS just some better or worse than the others, some were owners some were  managers; however they all had hold of the stick.
The farming properties and two non farming jobs I had  during the period of this book are listed in the following order.  W GRIFFINS & SON, Private * RUKU BLOCK, EDGECUMBE BLOCK, TUHINGAMATA BLOCK, Lands & Survey Dept * W BARUGH & SON, AF SIMMONDS (Dad) Private * KINLEITH, Forestry * JOHNNY WALKER Esquire, Private * WAIKINO BLOCK, Lands & Survey Dept * WAIHI PUKAWA BLOCK, Maori Affairs Dept * TEKOPIA BLOCK  Lands & Survey Dept * WAHAROA TRANSPORT, Bruce Clothier, Esquire,  Private * TUMUNUI BLOCK, Maori Affairs Dept * WAIKITE BLOCK, Lands & Survey Dept
For the whole of this book I was ducking the stick, but all that was to change at the end of the last chapter. To cut a long story short, Roger Bedford, Waikite's manager was considering a change and had put my name forward as his successor. I  subsequently found myself in  the SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE, and after a brief interview I  was given the job with the proviso that if Rodger did not go I could have either EDGECUMBE or GOUDIES BLOCK.   At the mention of Edgecumbe my ears shot up and asked Senior Field Officer (SFO) Rowe who the Head Shepherd at Edgecumbe was, and could not believe the answer. SHIT O DEAR it was that old   bugger George Millar, I could not believe he was still alive and still doing the same fucking job. Shit boss I will take EDGECUMBE anyway, and try out my new stick out on that old bastard, you will have to read CHAPTER 03 in this book  BOB BOOK 02  to understand that.
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