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There is no doubt,  if we had not taken what seemed  to us to be a huge leap,  and left the    false security of working for some other bugger into  the uncertainty of not having a regular paycheck, we would have retired into a rented house with no more than we had when we were on wages.
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 I'm bloody sorry mate but that's all the  missus will let me give you for
If the period that this book spans has taught me, nothing else it has made me realize that primarily the democratic system of governance that the so-called free world adheres to is an absolute sham, and most are run by a cart load of monkeys. (with no disrespect to the poor bloody monkey)
Within the years BOB BOOK 04 covers, I closed the door on my farming and contracting era, and we moved into a small town, bought our first house, relocated then converted an X US ARMY Nissan shed that I had been using as a hay barn into a good-sized workshop. Then without the help of any educated or re-educated communist or maorified tutor adapted the skills acquired over the previous sixty years and set myself up as an engineer. No matter what I was asked to build, always in the back of my mind was ‘if GOD had not made it some other BUGGER must have so why couldn't I ’.
Practically all the engineering gear I had when this enterprise was launched was an old ARC welder that arrived in BOB BK 03 a small grinder and a 10 mm drill. Mig welders, and even a lathe were quickly acquired and mastered, the piece of plant on the cover is by no means the biggest thing that came out of my workshop but is typical of what I designed and built.
The problem with most of these self-important communist or maorified educationists is that bugger all of them have done what they are preaching in a commercial arena where their survival depends on their own ability to constantly adapt to different situations.
You have to ask, then answer this question yourself, “if some have done it why are they not still doing it for them selves?” You will find my answer in FICTION OR NONFICTION.
The democratic system needs 80% of the population to be followers, and think that everything is as portrayed on the television or any of the numerous devices that have a screen, or what is innocently commonly referred to as a monitor. Has it not occurred to you or have you ever wondered if in rough figures if about 80% are in much the same situation with employment, credit cards, etcetera what happens to the other 20%. In my opinion that 20 % are the ones that the propagandists refer to as having fallen through the cracks, in fact they are the ones that they have been unable to corrupt.
In short, communists & tribes control the population openly and directly with the stick, democracies control the population covertly and deceitfully with the carrot. Within the democratic systems today, the worst and most infiltrated is education, and the poor deluded soles that actually think they are equipping children to succeed in life, anyone my age that thinks schooling is as it was in our day is also sadly deluded.
I am balancing on the edge of a rabbit hole here and could quite easily jump straight into it, but most would be what has already been said in FICTION OR NONFICTION so will explain what happens to the 20% and  move on.
Right or wrong, year after year, another generation three quarters shagged up, with most leaving school knowing less that’s any use to them than they knew as 5 year olds. Most do not know what the 3r’s mean, but teachers and pupils alike, can tell you what their rights are under our screwed up democratic laws where the minority lord it over and dictate to the majority.  [Copy ends:]
        Practically 100% in a democracy have attended some sort of institution that is still referred to as a school, in most democracies and especially New Zealand; the duly elected governments have long lost control of what kids are taught. 
Before you POOH-POOH or RIDICULE that  get hold of the curriculum and read it for yourself,  then ask some older employer how youngsters starting work today compare to those starting 30 years ago, its no good asking some school kid with manager written on his  / her shirt because they  have come through the same system. Better still ask some of your grand kids that you think are so bloody bright because they can turn on a cell phone and you cannot, just how the thing actually works.
The poor bloody parents have been & are continuously being brainwashed into believing that if their kids  don't live in a million dollar plus house, & have all the gadgetry they will be handicapped & considered to be underprivileged, so both work thereby widening the  gap soon to become a chasm between what they know is right & wrong and what the already indoctrinated school teacher  believes is right, because a  maorified tutor said so.
Since I wrote the above I have written 'THE RETURN OF REAL CREATORS/GODS which in the course of doing so greatly increased my understanding of just what is happening  on this planet and the problem we have inadvertently created  for our creators.
The schools are brain washing the youngsters into believing everything is as it should be & is the normal state of affairs, while embedding  the 'I am CEO material,  & I am a winner attitude into them'. Thereby ensuring they consider it's their GOD given right to start almost at the TOP, & certainly on a wage comparable to a   experienced  employee.
entrepreneurs that go on to be the wealthy, that control the 5% who do know how your grand kids cell phone does actually work. Some of the 80% do make different components of it, and others assemble it, but apart from turning it on none know how it works.

The situation is not much different than it was in the days before everyone was educated (indoctrinated) and the village priest was the only one that could read or write, he also was controlled by the wealthy.
It is a spin-off and a update on my thinking since 'THE GREATOR'. I now know that the world is being indoctrinated into believing that a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is the best & only solution to solving every real & perceived problem, we are being manipulated into creating.
            In this section I have endeavored to write a synopsis for this book, I have tried to be honest , but truthfully writing about something you have written yourself is rather difficult. Always in the back of your mind is the knowledge or the fact, that if  it's under done the book will not sell, but if it is over rated and the buyer is disappointed it won't be long before they will justifiably claim to have been RIPPED OFF and I certainly don't want that to happen. 
Because I had grown-up always having the subject of   bush grazing especially the Rerewhakaaitu / Kaingaroa area linked to cobalt and mineral deficient soils it took me a few seasons to figure out what the real problem was. We  only had a problem with pregnant ewes  dying when wintered under radiata pine whereas the goats & dry stock were OK, as were cows providing they had their silage ration before the new break of grass. (don't jump to the conclusion that because it was pines it was lack of grass.)
Previously when I was randomly selecting a page or two for the excerpts I could pick out the pages that I felt  would better clinch  the deal, however now by taking them in sequence while I feel it's more honest it probably  is not such a good idea when trying to convince somebody to buy it.
This book BOB BOOK 03;  ISBN 9780473170974;  containing 91,500 words and numerous illustrations,  it is written on 196, A5 pages covering the years 1985 - 2006,  it is written, edited, published, and completely produced my myself  (Bob Simmonds.) It is not a glossy, flashed up publication pretending to be something it is not, but a honest account  about the trials and tribulations of becoming self employed with neither money nor assets that could be used as collateral.
About that warning sign, it's not quite what you might expect these days as there is no sex nor bare assed women, the problem is that according to some sensitive souls it is not quite POLITICALLY CORRECT enough so as not to offend them.
This book is written in three chapters, REREWHAKAAITU, KAINGAROA FOREST, KAINGAROA FOREST VILLAGE.  They are all about farming,  contracting, and being a general carrier in a rural area. While my account of working in those roles or occupations may not mesh with your experiences, they are nevertheless in the main a truthfull account of our lives, (Daphne's, mine and our kids) 
All we had was the determination not to finish my working life jumping around under some other buggers stick, but I soon found out that stock firms, government, and local body bureaucrats could be 100% more merciless than any boss I ever worked for, also during our time in the ranks of the self employed I soon discovered that sometimes it is not exactly what it is cracked up to be by folk that have "never worked full stop", or those that have always relied on some other to keep them employed, and keep the bread on their table and the butter on the bread.
          When I think about it now, MAN ! WHAT A  CHEEK I had, but that is exactly what a lot do all the time, walk over, manipulate and use others. I don't know what I have been worrying about because I have just looked up two words. ENTREPRENEUR & OPPORTUNIST, by the time I was working for John he was a entrepreneur but to become an entrepreneur you have to have been a opportunist, and that is where I was towards the end of my time with him in BK03 and in BK04 I too am a ENTREPRENEUR, for a few years.
           It was during this period that we  leased the seed orchard from the NEW ZEALAND FOREST SERVICE and turned it into a 1000 acre farm, build a house, and wool shed, then Daphne and I moved up there and started living in the middle of the KAINGAROA FOREST. The old Forest Service rule books had gone out the window and now even though it still belonged to the STATE they were reading from a different hymn book and we were allowed to live in there.
             In this chapter we were rebuilding and modifying gear, and making something out of bugger all. Actually what I was doing was no different than previously, except the operation was being run from premises and land we held the leases for not the POOR BUGGERS' that had been paying my wages. Now that the petrol was coming out of my pump and not John's the TOYOTA CROWN  and the V8 BEDFORD were soon gone.
       CHAPTER 01;  REREWHAKAAITU 13,600 words about setting up a business that can pay your bills rather than something that looks flash and prosperous. I have seen plenty of flash outfits fold up over night owing heaps of money from the hundreds to the millions, when we decided it was time to pull the plug it was just a case of thanking clients for their support and closing the doors. ( and counting the money rather than adding up the bills )
            At Kawerau in BOB BK02 & BOB BK03 I knew all about worrying dogs, but here at Kaingaroa my bloody education in the subject really began and continued until our last day there. ( Man these things are not the worst sheep worriers but must be amongest the most usless things on this planet.)
           What happened with that BEDFORD just shows the folly of using your gear for the bosses work and how right what I said somewhere that some of these guys can actually get you thanking them for using you. In the case of my truck John paid for the V8 motor ,the R&M (repairs), the fuel it used, but at the end of the day this fact remained. I drove it over there, but when we left it had to be towed away, it was NAKKERED and I sold it for scrap.
         For the start of this period young Henry and the trucks were still at Rerewhakaaitu, but once he left and Francis started driving we moved every thing up to FOREST FARM in the KAINGAROA STATE FOREST and operated them from there untill they were sold.
The morale of that story is, don't use your gear for your bosses work, no matter what the deal.
But on the other hand I can hardly contain my glee when a mongrel bred dog attacks the idiot that feeds it.
                               BOB BK04

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