Before I retired some clever bugger told me to rethink what I was doing because so & so retired before he was knackered & was dead from boredom and overweight within a year. Will it is now half way through 2015 and the days still are not long enough.
For this book, l have imposed a restriction of only uttering 500 words maximum while underground in a rabbit hole.
 There is no doubt, that with the money  I wasted on fucking boats and associated gear we could have enjoyed the culinary delights of the best fish shop in town once a week for the rest of our lives.
It is hard to believe that we have been here seven years in a couple of days, and I have been on the pension for six and a half years.

Another thing that is hard to believe is the time I spend tapping on this keyboard, and how  much more I find out, and learnt about the computers operating system every day.
We have had a computer in the house since around 1982 starting with a little VIC 20 with a tape deck and a little portable TV for a monitor, it was some time before we could afford a printer which I am almost sure cost around a thousand dollars.
While I may have been around computers for about 30 years, I have never mastered or learnt to do more than I needed to learn at the time. Believe me I really thought I was up with the play when I got a printer and started printing out the monthly accounts from SIMMONDS TRANSPORT and presented WRIGHTSONS’ with a computer generated cash flow for my seasonal finance.
The bottom photo is the boat I am talking about on a bush road coming out from Lake Rotomahana in about 2005, and the other one is its predecessor at Rerewhakaaitu in about 1983, its drama story is in BOB BK 03 and proves that some buggers will never learn no matter what.
One of the first casualties of being on the pension and having, not so much a reduced disposable income but an income that cannot be manipulated to the extent that you can when you are self employed, was the boat. Every time we put it in the water, and filled up the fuel tanks on the two boat motors and the HILUX, it was never under $100 odd dollars. But apart from what it cost it was just not the same as knocking of work a bit early, and shooting down to  LAKE REREWHAKAAITU for  a couple of hours.
At KAINAGORA; there was no hassle getting it off the section and it was a pleasant way to recoup from the day’s work.   Here at TOKOROA; it was a huge drama getting it off the section and it became just another way to kill a bit of time. Within a year  none of us, Daphne, Charlie (the dog), nor me were getting much enjoyment out of it, so it was not hard to part with it.   Incidentally the bloody thing cost us the guts of ten grand, and just for the record, I do not really GIVE A FUCK!  and it just goes to prove that a fool and his money are easily parted.
On the next page there is a photo of me on my brand new warehouse bike which incidental is only the 3rd such piece of kit I have had,  and the first since I left school. At the time it was taken it was  50 years  since I had last ridden one and now as unbelievable as it is, it is  half way through 2015  making it nearly 60 years since I left school and home.
This book BOB BOOK 05;  ISBN 987-0-473-29507-3;  contains 93000 words and numerous illustrations, it is written on 96, A5 pages covering the years 2006 - 2013, it is written, edited, published, and completely produced my myself  (Bob Simmonds,) and like the others it is not a glossy, flashed up publication pretending to be something it is not, but a honest account  about the trials and tribulations of coping with the early years of retirement. I honestly don’t know where the time goes, I seem to be less my own person now than ever before. It is obvious that BOB BOOK 05 is going to be the 5th and final in  the BOB SERIES of books, it is also obvious that there is one  major difficulty in writing it,   as it concerns all my post work years, it obviously means I cannot finish it until I die, and that does make it rather difficult.
In an effort to get around the above problem I intend to write it up to the date, it is finished with the information that is at hand, then print and bind it as the original edition. Apart from the 2 extra pages front & back &  the attachments & add-on’s that were simply not remembered when the other   BOB BOOK’s were written  the bulk or guts of the book will indeed be about my retirement to date. And living in  the shadow of God's assassin does not help.
 Write it too soon and maybe only a day will be missing although on the other hand, leave it too long and years may be missing.
By the time we arrived at Tokoroa all the farm dogs had long gone and Charlie would shortly be gone as will, but he was around for awhile so has taken over the censoring from Bounce under the same TERMS & CONDITIONS. However once I get to about 2008 and Charlie buggers off I may have to parley with GOD and get one of them back in some form to finish this job.
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