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Because the BOB BOOKS covered years, it was quite easy to define and identify changes in people's attitudes and society in general over those separate periods.  Subsequently, as  this book FICTION or NON-FICTION is drawn from  events and incidents that occurred during those periods, categorizing any thing in particular  would again simply be a matter of copying and pasting pages from the book concerned.   However as that was not what I created this section for I will attempt to expand on the answer from the same question on page 12.    But from another perspective as to why I think, (with the I being emphasized) humans are on one hand,  'thick as two short planks,'  and on the other,  'sharp as a tack,'
Our so-called democratic systems do it with the CARROT, (incidentally the bloody CARROT is usually hanging from a fucking big stick and nearly always deliberately held out of reach, by preaching one thing and usually doing the opposite.
I will be charitable and say most politicians are sincere and probably do try to act in their constituencies’ best interest. However, when those that are previously almost unheard of are mysteriously moved to the top of the heap they come under the stick waved by a group that in  my mind came into being in this book, FICTION or NON FICTION that I have called ‘THIS GROUP AT THE UNITED NATIONS'. (tg@un) This is when the lying, and double-dealing starts, initially the poor bastards try to keep their promises, but tg@un’s influence and power within the government is so strong the bugger at the top soon starts  digging himself a hole that becomes impossible to get out of.
TG@UN is not to be confused with the ineffective almost useless organization the UNITED NATIONS itself, even though they are head-quartered in the same building. Although to be even handed, it is obvious the United Nations has been infiltrated to probably a greater degree than the democratic governments, they too are operating with the same restraints and so like them appear to do as much harm as good. It is through tg@un's grasp on the affairs of the world that have the united nations and all democratic governments preaching good, but the ensuring   policies are devised by tg@un in such a way they eventually and inevitable do more HARM than GOOD. Tg@un’s ultimate aim is the complete destabilization, financially and morally of the world, to prepare the way for a free and democratically elected WORLD GOVERNMENT.  Tg@un is achieving that by the implantation of agents and 5th columnists into every facet of governance irrespective as to the ideology, and while there will actually be nothing free and democratic about the forthcoming election the sheep well perceive it to have been, just as they do today.  There has been much speculation on such an organization and those behind it, from JEWS to WEALTHY FAMILIES, but as far as I am concerned my hypothesis based on various theories makes what I have written in THE CREATOR, and FICTION or NONFICTION  far from speculation.  Although I do speculate when I say, “the world wars and communism itself were previous unsuccessful attempts by this group to destabilise the world.” But it is FACT and not speculation when I say “In the mid-nineteen seventies tg@un launched the operation they are now vigorously pursuing.” The first organisation they infiltrated in all so-called free and  self  governing  countries  was the Trade Unions’ and secondly the education system, however now all facets of all governments are firmly controlled by tg@un. Hence all these johny come latlely  including unknown list party unelected leaders.
Most elected governing bodies worldwide and the UN are now alike in that unknown to most in the corridors of power, who are that wrapped up and consumed with their own importance they have no idea  they are being control by tg@un. Since Clarke, the person who really has the stick in the New Zealand government has been junior to the idiot that thinks he has the TOP JOB. This is why we were conned into accepting MMP, because it was a simple way for TG@UN to get their almost unknown people into parliament. While it is done under the guise of, and the result of a free and open election, there is actually nothing democratic about it. Nevertheless some of us actually see the party member we voted for get into parliament, however it is not long before some gullible, naive, self important, tg@un trained and nominated bugger is on the party list then we have another as thick as two short planks that nobody has heard of calling the shots. This is why tg@un controls the schools and it follows, the teachers are tunnel vision in their mission to have 80% singing from the same sheet, it  is of no concern to them if eventually the majority of a population think they are Muslim or Maori.
But Christ Almighty !  when bloody school teachers encourage kids to address them using a nick name they have chosen, what the  .uck do they think is going to happen.    This bloody nonsense started at the pre schools when they started asking kids to do something rather than telling them to do it.
This a5 sized, soft covered book ISBN 978-0-473-18234-2;by Bob Simmonds contains 81,000 words or there about & numerous illustrations, as to  how and why, especially in the last 40 years this country has (in my opinion. Gone to HELL in an HAND CART FICTION or NONFICTION you decide, but I know if you were educated since the mid 1970s, you will claim it is all PURE FICTION. Open your minds, research and question every chapter then ask yourself if you still believe everything the  government-educated parrots  (school teachers) have told you is 100% right.  This book is about most of the things that have upset me sometime or other in the last 70 years, and as sheep dogs have been a big part of my working life, and have heard it all before they have given me a hand with it, PATCH with the writing and BOUNCE with the editing (swearing for awhile he buggered around with a white-out pen but could not  master it so went back to peeing on them.)
Chapter-14-PG-131,  OSH (OCCUPATION HEATH & SAFETY) Chapter-18-PG-147,  ACC   Chapter-15-PG-137,  LEGAL TAX EVASION                Chapter-17-PG-146,  PAYE       Chapter-16-PG-140,  RETIREMENT AGE       Chapter-19-PG-157, SANITY / INSANITY   PG-167-176,  ATTACHMENTS & ADD-ONS   PG-177-186, PIECES FROM THE INTERNET    Chapter-20-PG-161,  SCHOOL TEACHERS        Chapter-21-PG-165, THE OPPOSITE      Since  having submitted to United Nations coercion, in the mid nineteen seventies, politicians have colluded with European do-gooders, the schools, & a small group of people with an ever-diminishing amount of Maori / Polynesian descent in the   manufacturing and articulating of countless lies & volumes of propaganda about the real Tangata Whenua of New Zealand.  While these propagandists have spread and implemented their poison the majority of those with some Maori / Polynesian heritage who know the truth have sat in the sun and not said a word. While the minority that quickly believed the propaganda sit in their offices and count what they now consider is their money. It is to the social engineers credit the majority of the population actually now believe and concur with what has been done.  Believe me  the fools will not be so happy when today's brown minority legally becomes on paper the majority even though the vast majority will still be white.  Hard on the election victory will  come the United Nations  legislation that will soon separate the white maori, leaving the power temporally in the hands of the original brown minority.
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