If you have actually read thus far, and before you read any excerpt from any of the BOB BOOKS, I will apologize for the repetitiveness of some of them however that is one of the handicaps of taking them in sequence and is unavoidable as the first few pages have some identical material. And after stating they are in sequence and not knowing who has read what, nor knowing what some educated bugger may consider misrepresentation, I have copied them pretty much word for word, although having said that, some alterations of text and images has occurred.

      This problem does not apply to such an extent with the other books although copyrights and disclaimers etcetera are pretty much the same. The problem has only come about because they were all entered at the same time but once past the first few pages the problem will solve itself.
On the other hand, what is NOT a handicap is as it is all my own material  no clever bugger can accuse me of plagiarism.
      The other issue is that because of the amount of material on the review pages some will take a few seconds longer to load than what most are prepared to wait, however for optimal viewing please wait because once  it is loaded the excerpt, the synopsis, and the e-book download data is all contained and ready to read on the carousel. In addition  if some pages don't appear complete refresh the page. If the first button on the carousel  is clicked as soon as it is visible  it will hold  page one until you are ready for the next one.