About this site and why it was created
        When you are ready to move on from this page forget about Charlie the Alsatian over there as all he is good for through no fault of his is turning good tucker into (what can I say), you will have to navigate back to here and click  PATCH with your cursor, he most likely will go and get the site directory for you. Likewise SPEED can get you the Library directory.
      The main reason for these next few pages, is to familiarize you with the oddities of the site, and the way I have written my books, some of which you most likely have not come across before.

      Most of my life  has been spent on dry-stock farms, therefore dogs, horses and machinery is something that has always been part of it, and I seem to be missing it more each year.  However once I started writing in 2008 and more progressively with every time I turn on the computer the dogs seem to be with me again, so I have found something useful for some of them to do.
         The soapbox relates to my take on FICTION or NONFICTION and while a search engine may have concluded, it has zero % relativity to the site I can’t help but feel if I wrote fictional key words its relativity factor would be higher.  On the other hand, while it may  fraudulently increase traffic to the site, once some poor bugger had been suckered in would it actually help him decide to click a buy button. ( l do not think so.)
     While this website,robbertee-bobs-books and the others including robberteebob.co.nz have been created as platforms to sell my nonfiction books, I hope you can spare more than a few seconds and read much of what I have had to say and don't simply decide it is the ravings of a MADMAN on a SOAPBOX and flick it OFF.
      About the dog peeing on my soapbox, in my later books I continued writing as I speak, but as swearing for any reason is not every ones cup of tea, old BOUNCE has been given the job of hiding, deleting, getting rid of what he considers to be the worst words for you. Without belittling the dogs other capabilities, he just cannot get the hang of using, a marker pen, or a rubber, or wite-out. However while I appreciate what YOU & ME may consider to be a NO-NO word the dog may not agree with us. Nevertheless once given a task even a dog should be left too get on with it, even so while you may not approve of the way he is doing it, you have to admit he has not missed many.
           In addition old BOUNCE has since gone through the BOB BOOKS and taken out what he considers to be the worst example of profanities, so you won't find any NAKED (bare-arsed ) swear words there either I am afraid.
    If you do read the whole thing, if nothing else you must conclude that while we loosely talk of the majority, on having a closer look at any of us you soon realize that we all have our own unique stories to tell. Your story may not be about livestock, primarily sheep, dogs, horses, old trucks and farm machinery, but having said that, no matter what you have done during your life, I will be surprised if you do not come across something in one or the other of my nonfiction books that you cannot relate to.
   Although on the other hand, some bugger that has been nothing but a RATBAG, be it within or outside the law, or climbed
a mountain somewhere, has millions of words written about him / her and is remembered for ever.
          In my opinion the box I refer to as my soapbox is actually a good example of  NONFICTION as it is not just a drawing or something  created with computer software but a actual thing. Awhile ago I watch our eldest daughter hunt around in it  looking for a toy she had played with as a toddler  for one of her GRAND-CHILDREN. As far as I am concerned that is three generations of NONFICTION.
            When ever you see these little guys (the rabbits) anywhere on a page BE WARNED that the subject is going to change somewhat, a chap I know calls it, "diving down rabbit holes"
   In the earlier books the rabbits have been positioned at the start and end of a transgression, one going and one coming, in  later books when ever a transgression was contained within one paragraph the text has been superimposed over the rabbit. Also occasionally you may come across a piece of text that a rabbit has marked as a transgression, but it does not appear to be, don't worry about it as the bloody dog has probably chased the rabbit down the hole before he had finished reading and categorizing it.
          When ever you see a dog doing his business among the text you can be sure there was originally a swear word there, and his lordship has taken it out especially for you. on the other hand, if you think it would be more realistic if a stock-man, or a kiwi shepherd had uttered a swear word there, you can slip your favorite one in and nobody will be any the wiser. 
          Unfortunately there was not much for them to do and as one would not keep quite and the other spent most of his time either sitting in a water trough or chasing the rabbits, I have  stopped using them for that and reverted to using a LINE or  a DODAH. While you won't find BOUNCE or WAG keeping the text apart on this site you will come across them in some of the books.
        Another thing I am sure some people must be wondering about already, is the relevance of all the pictures, I know I went down a rabbit hole and mentioned this on the last page but I will reiterate, when I talk about NONFICTION that is exactly what I mean.
             Every vehicle or piece of plant depicted in this website has been documented in my book;  THINGS on WHEELS & other gear, (ISBN 978-0-473-21738-9) the dogs, horses and all other stock has some where or other been mentioned in ROBBIE BK01 (ISBN 978-0-473-17095-0) BOB BK02 (ISBN 978-0-473-17096-7) BOB BK03 (ISBN 978-0-473-17097-4) BOB BK04 (ISBN 978-0-473-17098-1)BOB BK05 (ISBN 978-0-473-29507-3) FICTION or NON FICTION (ISBN 978-0-473-18234-2)  THE CREATOR? (ISBN 978-0-18233-5)   THE REAL CREATORS / GODS   (ISBN 978-29505-9)
     For those that don't know, the black & tan  dogs are huntaways' and I used them for years to do exactly what the name suggests, generally move stock away from us.  Awhile ago because I now have neither a huntaway nor any sheep, I thought I would use  them to keep the mobs of text separated rather than drawing a line or put dodahs between it.
     The 3 axle BEDFORD was built at REREWHAKAAITU in the early 80's while I was working for FJ RAMSEY LTD as a FARM MANAGER (BOB BOOK 03.)  When I say BUILT that's what I mean, four different model Bedfords and one other went into the creation of that totally legal and certified truck.
           Obviously when I was on wages nearly every thing I touched at work belonged to my employer, about all a shepherd  owned in those days was his dogs and saddle, although some of us did have a horse or two. For instance that piebald over there  came out of the Morrinsville sale yards in about 1969 (WAHAROA TRANSPORT BOB BOOK 02) and was broken in on WAIKITE BLOCK in the early 70's.
   Non-fiction is an account,  and descriptions of a event or object that  the author believes to be factual. The account of the event and descriptions may or may not necessarily be accurate, therefore can give either a true or a false account of the subject in question, however, it is generally assumed that authors of such accounts believe them to be truthful at the time of their composition.
      I stand by what I have said that 90% of what I have written is absolutely NON FICTION,(every picture or image can be traced to one book or another) the 10% of  FICTION has come mainly from THE CREATOR? although I personally believe most of that also.  This is the GIST of how some educated clever bastard has defined nonfiction and as it suits me, I agree with him. Non-fiction is one of the two main styles of writing, the other form being fiction (bull shit).
For more information on the truck click on image.
      Frequently over the last few years I have asked myself and any bugger that would listen the above question and after considerable thought I believe it can be answered in two parts, the FIRST by simply refer you to the inside cover of any of the BOB BOOKS, however immediately on saying that I realized you most likely do not yet have any, so have written this long winded what ever, in a attempt to explain what this site is about and why it was created. The SECOND was the realization that because many people have been conned into believing  many things are beyond their capabilities, simply because some bloody educated parrot has told them as they aren't qualified they could not do it, and to further drive home the illusion that they are brighter that THOU,  proceed to confuse and confound  you with science.
            Rather than just write 'I was born in 1941 and I left school in 1956, retired in 2005, and died in 20--?' I have include some of the family information covering the last 65 years that I hope will answer most of the questions that those that come after me may ask. Also I hope some of the things that have happened that make life what it is will give some of you a laugh, and revive memories long almost forgotten. There is plenty that some will think is useless information, but if I have included it, most must have had some meaning or value to me, and I hope it may also be of interest to a few others.
     These books may also give everyone an idea as to why I am as I am, and explain how some of the events and many of the things that have happened have shaped and molded my whole being, and character or what ever you want to call it, into what or who I am today. The things that happen and the people around us as we go though life, have a much bigger effect on our character than most people imagine. Numerous people have told me as they read through them they could almost sense my attitudes changing with the years and things that were happening to and around us.
     Anyway, not only do the kids have the books on their Dads entire life but also on their Mums last 45 years,(now almost 50 years) and how all our lives were when they were young. Finally, what has been very satisfying to me is that while I gave copies to the kids many other folk have asked for them, and I have been happy to oblige. Unfortunately as writing is something new to me after finishing each new edition I think that is the final time, and I let a few more go. Inevitably after looking at them a couple of times decide they are not the way I want them and alter them once again so it is truly a work in progress. Now that they are being sold commercially with new ISBN and bar-codes I am stuck with them as they are.
         Now for the second part of the QUESTION;   It is exactly like I have already said some where or other these books are entirely SELF-PUBLISHED, so why should I stop there. I really don’t think the publishers of books written by whom they call self published authors put too much effort into selling them, their revenue comes from what they call set up costs. I get many emails from these organizations telling me what a fantastic deal they have just for ME, and man are some persistent.
   What I do now is send their email back as a reply with a few questions, like. Which way does the money flow, YOU TO ME, or ME TO YOU. One woman told me the only way to describe a manuscript I had sent her was with the word ‘GREAT’, when I asked for clarification of the word GREAT her LADY-SHIP could NOT and when asked if she had read it in its entirety, admitted she had not. To me it’s obvious most are MICKEY MOUSE outfits posing as INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING HOUSES, and are only interested in the $1000 or thereabouts a book to set them up on their computer, and then charge the poor sod on the end of their fishing line $15 to print each copy.
   The true and only reason for the ceaseless Maorification of New Zealand is that the Maori language like double Dutch and all legal jargon is being used to hid, mask or camouflage the real meaning of what is being said then subsequently done.
    Furthermore for the duration of which time they were undoubtedly receiving email and phone calls ( some times quite snarky about wasting their time) from these people with high-falutin titles telling him or her about deadlines from big promotion days etcetera that should not be missed, and sometimes almost demanding that you, ‘PLEASE SIGN HERE’.  There are now five books in the BOB SERIES alone and as they have a minimum print run of a hundred or so, you don't have to be a FINANCIAL GENIUS to work out who's making the money. Most claimed without seeing or reading any of them, they would sell for around $40 a book, with 50% discount.
   I know I have said this before, but if GOD did not make it, some other bugger must have, so why couldn't l, and as that is a policy I have sort of followed, most of my life I could see no reason why I could not produce my own BOOKS. Furthermore, being reasonably sure that PUBLISHING outfits are neither owned nor operated by the BIG MAN, I could see no reason not to have a go. In addition, I have not listened to any educated bastard that told me I could not do it, simply because he couldn't, but stuck with it until I mastered it to my satisfaction. (Although I will confess to having never started to break in a horse that I thought I may not be able to handle, nor picked a fight with some bugger that I thought could hurt me. (Generally, I do not try to compete with GOD by taking on anything UNREALISTIC.)
(There are DOZENS, if not HUNDREDS of "SELF PUBLISHING" web sites out there, all with different names, which in reality are really ONE and the fucking SAME.
Originally I acquired this domain name robbertee-bobs-books, co.nz and got into website building to create a platform to host my 90% non fiction books, along with the 10% fiction that has crept in. However sometime ago it occurred to me,  as it was my site l really could do almost anything l liked with it, so decided to include another e-Shop page that could be used for anything that l and anyone else wanted to find a new home for. Unfortunately fast on the heels of the first domain name  came 4 more all with slightly different versions of the same robberteebob name and  all hosting the other than books e-shop pages. It was not long before the little guy on my shoulder (my consciousness) was pointing out that to him it appeared slightly hypocritical to be trying to sell such items on sites hinting their core business was selling BOOKS!
While I don't have a HELL of a lot of sympathy for those that have been ripped off, I do have just a little for the trees, and sort of understand why some people become  tree huggers.
Just a bit more about these PRINT SHOPS that presumptuously call themselves PUBLISHING HOUSES and their consistent reference to their clients as self published authors, how can the authors be self published when they have paid thousands of dollars getting their books printed. If the thousands of authors they quote are anything like two I know there must have been thousands of pine trees cut down just for the paper, it makes me wonder just how many thousands of books are jammed under beds etcetera world wide.
Subsequently the domain name robberteebob.co.nz with no mention of BOOKS was registered and the web site created which has evolved into a home for ours (the dog's and me's soapbox with the facilities to do a bit of wheeling & dealing. With the creation of robberteebob.co.nz the other stuff e-shop pages have been removed from the 2 remaining sites robberteebobsbooks.co.nz & robbertee-bobs-books.co.nz, the .com & .Net names were let expire and eventually I imagine will disappear from the internet. However a couple of days ago I noticed bobsbooks.co.nz had become available so grabbed it before some other bugger did, now it remains to be seen as to what that eventually is used for.
Since then bobsimmonds.co.nz has been added to the list.
    While l originally got into this website building to create  a platform for my books it has occurred to me,  as it is my site l really can do almost anything l like with it, so have included another e-Shop page that will be for anything that l and anyone else want to find a new home for, nevertheless it is primarily to host my 90% non fiction books,& the 10% fiction that has crept in.