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I may not know the significance of the magpie being over there but I do know  why  Tippy is here.
(This book may not from your perspective be non-fiction but in my opinion does fit the dictionary's definition of non-fiction)
Furthermore it does illustrate quite well as to how what the majority now perceive to be normal in that many now don't appear to be able to differentiate between fact or fiction or more importantly between reality and non reality.
Another thing that is frightening is how what much  of what these moronic politicians say if taken  at face valve sounds so reasonable and obviously to the majority makes sense and apparently strikes them as being a good idea, but to the minority is absolutely bonkers and gross stupidity.
Moral behaviour of all sorts has been reversed, massive personal debt is normal; prisons educate their clients to a higher degree of criminality than universities prepare their students for lawful occupations.  Many kids leave school less able to function in the real world than they could before they came under the influence of educators, which are erroneously still referred to as school teachers.   
Consequently much of what was only a few years ago considered in many cases abhorrent is now considered absolutely normal. Even in the early seventies no one would have dreamt that a couple of homosexuals could get married in a bloody church then legally with the states blessing adopt children. Beginning in around 1975 slowly but surely the cart was being positioned in front of the horse and now the whole outfit is ARSE about FACE.
Since the Second World War the United States has given itself cart blanch to use its military to kill millions and destroyed not just cities but the economy of entire countries. These criminally insane that control the United States elected Governments have manufactured pseudo wars in the middle east as a means of polluting or lacing the entire region overtly with their depleted uranium, and gods knows where else covertly.
In spite of the different things I have done in my 70 odd years I still consider myself to be a Lands & Survey Shepherd and all my writing is from that perspective. Subsequently  and perhaps the more you read the better you will understand why I articulate my words as I do and cut me a bit of slack with regards my spelling, punctuation and grammar, all the mistake you would not expect to find in a professionally written and produced book.
None of my books are pretending to be something that they are not, in that they are not stamped with the brand of conformity,  therefore don't conform to what the majority consider professionally written, edited, printed or glued together, because these a5 sized soft covered books are written then totally and solely produced by myself  (Bob Simmonds.)
In this section I have endeavored to write a synopsis for this book, I have tried to be honest , but truthfully writing about something you have written yourself is rather difficult. Always in the back of your mind is the knowledge or the fact, that if  it's under done the book will not sell, but if it is over rated and the buyer is disappointed it won't be long before they will justifiably claim to have been RIPPED OFF and I certainly don't want that to happen. 
Previously when I was randomly selecting a page or two for the excerpts I could pick out the pages that I felt  would better clinch  the deal, however now by taking them in sequence while I feel it's more honest it probably  is not such a good idea when trying to convince somebody to buy it.
Another thing I have attempted to draw to your attention is that nothing is as it appears and the true or intended meaning of most official gobbledygook  is the opposite to what the poor deluded sods are telling us but I am 100% sure that all officialdom truly believe what they are saying and telling people is all their ideas and the .ucked up majority have been conditioned through these bloody schools and later through constant government propaganda to unquestionably and unthinking accept it as gospel even though the majority of New Zealand legislation is now  not in the best interest of the magority.
ARSE ABOUT FACE ISBN 9780473386917; this a5 sized soft covered book written by myself, (Bob Simmonds) contains 142,206 words or thereabout on 374 pages. I have tried to show how in my opinion with a few exemptions the worlds human population has in especially the last couple of generations been socially engineered to the extent that the majorities perspective of what  those of my generation grew up with and considered normal has been stood on its head. 
I think the best way I can describe this book is to say that I have attempted to show that nothing is as it seems and nothing is coincidental. In that the scripts for wars, economic booms, and busts was originally scripted long ago by the masters of those that control the invisible / unelected governments worldwide to ready us, or condition humans to the point where we will demand that we are all governed the same by a regime that is run by other than humans.
Another is the parrerils that should be of great concern to all, but only appears to worry a few is the similarity between much of what is now routine  in New Zealand and what was also the accepted routine in Nazi Germany before World War Two, but here I will only quote you one example.
I have been aware for some years now that to be employed by any organisation in any way connected to the New Zealand government  the prospective employee must submit to the maori indoctrination component of the training or induction into the respective  SOE, department or whatever you want to call it. A few I know have walked away from their chosen  careers rather than submit to a stone age culture that has been screwed, twisted and manipulated this way or that included the manufacturing of countless words to  make it  half-pie relative to today's world.
In Germany it was called what it was a RACIAL APTITUDE test, in this cradle of democracy it has been camouflaged  for those that don't want to see, or now are unable to think for themselves it has been hidden in amongst all this maorification propaganda. I will copy and paste two  short pieces, one from FICTICTION OR NON-FICTION and  one from a blog page  dated 2010, and let you decide whatever you will.
Prince Bernhard, his friends and their cars were enlisted into the motor SS after agreeing to Nazi racial doctrine & being screened for Aryan qualities. However it appears by enrolling through the back door, he must have circumvented the need for a political aptitude test, because he is said to have claimed that by joining the SS he avoided having to take the Universities political aptitude exam he needed to pass to continue his studies, a test he is claimed to have said he would have failed.
Before being accepted into a New Zealand teacher training programme, it is necessary to attend an interview conducted by the teaching staff in which every  applicant is asked about their relationship to the Treaty of Waitangi, and their loyalty to ‘treaty principles’. There is something vaguely inquisitorial about the framing of these questions, and suspicion falls upon any applicant who diverts from the official line.
Furthermore when I present this maorified document to whomever, I am  almost going to do so with a feeling of shame and guilt in that I and   countless other  New Zealanders' with absolutely no so-called maori heritage have apathetically done nothing, and in doing nothing have abided and colluded in  covertly, effectively and legally virtually transferred the governorship  of this country to minority rule. Additionally when you consider that the about 15% that the system has encouraged to consider  and have convinced that they are directly related to or have descended from a few canoe paddlers that somehow found themselves here have nothing more in common with them than a few hard to breed out  taints that are eventually going to disappear also.
When I first read the article where I got the New Zealand relevant quote from, I thought God that is ten years old and for awhile wondered why there was not more about such like on the internet. However I quickly realized that Hitler, and again here is another thing comparable with pre ww2 Germany, because when questioned about the direction German education was heading, he replied with. Quote; "who are you, who am I? We will soon be gone but this generation will know no other. Today those that are entering almost all types of businesses and government outfits have been educated since 1975 therefore consequently know no other either.
Eventually New Zealanders will be pakeha-maori's, and then what are the purists going to do?
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